Carbon Fiber Composites Coatings

The increased need for composite structures and components to reduce weight, inertia and other engineering factors has created the need to improve the surface properties of these composites to prevent wear, corrosion, EMI / RFI leakage, oxidation, etc. Thermal spray coatings are used as thermal barrier coatings, wear resistance coatings, corrosion resistance coatings, oxidation barriers, and much more.

Thermal spray coating solution for composite parts include the unique transition layers and surface preparation techniques required to enhance adhesion, mitigate stress, and enhance coating performance.


Coating Materials

There are few limitations to thermal spray coating materials that can be applied to composite parts. Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), chromium oxide, aluminum oxide, tungsten carbide, aluminum, tin, zinc, nickel chromium, and many more have been applied to production composite materials.


Substrate Materials

Typical coated composite materials include carbon-carbon, carbon-phenolic, glass-epoxy, paper-phenolic, concrete, Micarta®, and so on. Each material has unique challenges that require different thermal spray materials, surface preparations, and processes.



Thermal barrier coatings have been applied to paper-phenolic honeycomb structures for engine cowlings. Wear resistant coatings have been applied to carbon-phenolic bicycle rims and paper manufacturing rolls. EMI / RFI shielding coatings are applied to carbon fiber composites of all types. Oxidation barrier coatings have been applied to carbon fiber composite aircraft brakes.

Carbon Fiber Coating Carbon Fiber Composite Coatings Provide
EMI / RFI Shielding

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