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Engineered Coating Solutions

At TST Coatings we use multiple coating methodologies to help you with component efficiency. Our materials, engineering, and process manufacturing help find the right solution for the right cost to meet your needs.


We can provide coating solutions for your component or produce turnkey solutions based on your design.

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Our solutions include a wide range of coating processes to ensure the right coating solution for your specific application and requirements.

Our expertise enables us to engineer the perfect coating for nearly any application. There are multiple types of coating solutions and we can help you engineer and apply the right one for your specific parts, components, structures or equipment application.

A thermal coated component
An oil refinery


Our engineered coatings provide a wide range of industrial solutions. Our coatings can be found in applications such as:

Our coatings are engineered specifically for each application through the utilization of our expertise in materials engineering. Most of our coatings are supplied to original equipment manufactures (OEM’s), on new components produced in medium to high volumes.

Mission Statement

We will be the clear leader in highly engineered and/or high volume coated components, and a significant player in surface engineering, by providing unique applications and production solutions for our customers, and by continuously expanding the scope of surface engineering solution opportunities.

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