#1 You Have Potential

Be yourself. Be resourceful. Learn from others. Turns ideas into opportunities.

#2 You Love to Innovate

People love to create and innovate. At TST, employees thrive in the culture which promotes and allows employees to devise unique and exceptional solutions for internal and external customers.

#3 You Like Lunch

Members of TST lunch weekly. Get the group together or join the group after the final lunch location decision had been made. When changes are happening, you become more knowledgeable. Don’t have all the answers, brainstorm and collaborate over lunch to come up with more solutions!

#4 You Invest in You

With weekly check ins, monthly production gatherings, and quarterly town hall meetings, we like to think of continuous feedback as our investment in your future. With an open approach toward each employee, we work together to help colleagues and teammates achieve their goals.

#5 You Create Purpose

Our leadership team encourages a culture of purpose among the variety of teams and business units within the organization. Through refinement of current products and successful launching of new products, you’ll see the immediate impact you can make throughout the company. 

#6 You are S-L-I-C

Have a passion for Safety? Enjoy Loyalty among colleagues and leadership? Interested in constant Innovation? Benefit from Collaboration with others? TST employees are SLIC on every team, with every process, and with everyone.

#7 Your Ideas are Great

If you’re interested in contributing innovative ideas, collaborating for superior results, and demonstrating loyalty to internal and external customers, we are here to listen. We pride ourselves on turning economical ideas into important company processes and programs with real outcomes.

#8 You are Passionate About Growth

We have added numerous positions, products, and processes to the organization in recent years. The ability to thrive is endless, and we provide the tools and encouragement to help you reach maximum potential.

#9 You are Social

TST employees work hard and play hard. We organize activities to celebrate key milestones, monthly achievements, or safety accomplishments. Activities include movie nights, bowling events, picnics, baseball games, hockey events, and more.

#10 You Like Learning

Every week, we are reminded of the great work our colleagues do to support the business and its growth. Employees go above and beyond for internal and external customers. They lead in inspiring ways. They dedicate time and energy to ensure processes are developed, implemented, and in production, just right. The spirit to serve within each of us is an important driver for delivering exception performance-changing results.

10 Reasons to Join Our Team