We offer specialized coatings for the several industrial applications, including wear, wear & a combination of corrosion, wear & a combination of impact resistance, strictly corrosion, lubricity, and virtually any condition that depletes the efficiency of your components.

All of our coatings for industrial applications are designed, developed, and engineered with value proposition in mind. We work with unique, specialized materials, parameter sets, and equipment to apply the best, most effective coatings in the industry. Our facility is designed for high capacity, mid to high volume production.

Agriculture Components

Our wear coatings are applied to many components in agricultural applications. Our wear coatings have been developed through years of in-house research, and possess physical attributes far greater than those of our competitors. Understanding coating stresses and material parameters allow us to create excellent bond properties to resist wear while taking impact.

Vehicle components

We provide a variety of coatings for vehicle related issues and needs. From wear resistance on vehicle sprockets to anti – galling properties on construction equipment, TST can provide cost effective, high value proposition solutions. We can customize the solution to handle combination issues such as wear & impact, or wear and corrosion problems. Coatings can also be used to reduce weight and costs by changing the substrate material to a lighter, more cost effective material and using a coating to achieve the desired attributes of the part, such as anti-galling, lubricity, electric conductivity and more.



Pump Solutions

Rotating equipment can have a wide range of problems that affect productivity and life cycle costs. We currently provide seal face coatings that are harder and last longer than any in the market today.  From wear life, for seals, to lubricity to corrosion protection on shafts, we can provide solutions to extend the life of your pump or other rotating ​


Parts you don’t think can be coated

Due to our expertise in materials, and process can commonly provide coatings on substrate materials that you just don’t think can be coated.  From plastics to carbon fiber to glass if you have a difficult substrate material contact us for guidance on coating potential.