Best-in-Class Plungers

Our nickel based coating is engineered specifically for increased plunger longevity. The coating has a much
larger diffusion zone than the standard industry coating which allows for much stronger coating adhesion.


This increased adhesion creates an extremely hard and wear resistant coating. The micro hardess of the
coating is 820 HV and the macro hardess is 91.7 15N. The measured porosity of the coating is around 0.36%,
which also makes the coating extremely corrosion resistant.


Other benefits of our plungers include:

Strong, tenacious metallurgical bond

Low porosity

Consistent, robotic application process

Large Diffusion Zone

Bonding & Diffusion

Diffusion: TST’s coating diffusion zone is nearly four times larger than the typical industry coating. Better diffusion results in stronger adherence and less cracking.