I continue to be impressed with both my hiring and on boarding experiences at TST. TST really takes the time to make employees feel as part of the team. The little things, from TST HR being on point in getting new hires set up with benefits and payroll, to having a three-week training schedule laid out by management. My colleagues were prepared to meet with me, and I had great introductions which helped me gain a better understanding of the company. This initial planning carries over to the way the company operates as a whole, which is refreshing. The longevity of employees speaks volumes, in that, people are happy and enjoy working at TST. It also means, there is endless experience and knowledge. Everyone is willing to help, answer questions, and work together. I find this to be an interesting industry with loads of growth potential. I am very excited to be a part of the TST team, and look forward to long partnership together.

Testimonial by TST Customer Service/Production Scheduler